AZ sport tape

My mom had been telling me how great kinesthetic tape is, so I jumped on my chance to try it. It is a breathable, flexible tape that you place on your body in certain areas to alleviate muscle fatigue and joint pain.


I watched the video on how to apply to my knees and attempted to recreate it. Not as easy as they make it. I think there is a learning curve. I went to work mowing the lawn and doing the other household chores. I kept the tape on overnight (it wears up to 5 days or so) and I actually did feel less sore than if I hadn’t been wearing anything. I think the effects may increase should I feel confident of how I apply it. My boyfriend also used it on his knees while paintballing. He too noticed a decrease in pain the next day, although not as well as he does with his knee brace. The only thing I did notice was that on day 2, one of my knees started burning while I was doing dishes. I went in the bathroom to check it out and on one side, my leg had blisters where the tape ended. I assume I must have put it on wrong at first, because it only occurred in that one place.


It took a few days to heal. I will still be using again despite the problem that occured, because I do think it was my fault. I just wanted to let everyone know to watch the video on how to apply to whatever area a few times before actually doing it. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and I would recommend it with caution to fully pay attention when applying.


180 Cosmetics Stretchmark Solution

**Contains pictures of my belly and some tasteful side boob. No, I will not pay for your therapy.**
I received the 180 Cosmetics Stretchmark Solution product and was excited to try it out. I used it once daily on the marks on my belly, thighs and boobs. After 30 days, I think there is minimal improvement. I didn’t really notice much, but my fiancé said he noticed a bit of difference. I think the difference is mainly in the coloring. So maybe not a full 180, but I’m going to give it a few more weeks and apply twice daily. They are a little less purple and more skin toned, just shinier. However, the thing I REALLY liked about this product is the scent and the way my skin feels. It really keeps your skin smooth and moisturized better than any lotion I’ve tried. Similar feeling to the after effects of coconut oil. That effect was surprising, since since I hadn’t planned to notice a difference in the way my skin felt. So although I didn’t see a huge difference in visual appearance, my skin feels as soft as a baby’s butt!




Adding “after”pictures tonight.

Neurobeats are a collection of music designed by neuroscience research. It is supposed to help you sleep better when you listen for 30 minutes before bedtime for 2 weeks. I have a hard time sleeping due to joint pain and inflammation. I take melatonin and it does help.
When you listen to the music, you can tell it’s doing something. There is a frequency that you hear during the recording, that while it is mildly unpleasant, is also weirdly soothing. It’s completely strange. Your body seems to vibrate and feel tingly. It’s almost like a light trance during meditation. I don’t know if it has helped me sleep deeper, but I know I relax more quickly and can shut off the list making and over thinking that usually keep me up longer than I want to be. I recommend trying this out and seeing how it works for you. My favorite is probably the Thunder and Lightening or the Crickets.
You can read more about and purchase here- Neurobeats

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

SUPPLIMEND Melatonin Plus, 3mg

20150601_090236[1]I take melatonin regularly enough. I’ve heard the back and forth argument about it. But for me- it helps. Especially helping me fall into a deeper sleep when I’m having a rough day. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, “Chronic Inflammatory Disease” and “Chronic Pain Disease.” Which boils down to- “We don’t really know what’s wrong but your body is weird.” It’s hard living with “invisible” pain. The only thing that makes me feel better when I’m in pain is sleep. For my brain to shut down and reset so that it doesn’t process everything as “pain” when it’s really not. So you decide if melatonin is right for you, and if you say yes- this brand works nicely. This is a 3mg, so it is what you are usually started off with. (Your body builds up a tolerance the longer you take it and you eventually have to increase your dose.) It is manufactured in the US, and doesn’t contain dyes and preservatives. You can purchase here- SUPPLIMEND Melatonin Plus

While the price is a little more than I care for (when isn’t it) I do like supplements that are made in the US or Europe, which both have stricter guidelines than that of Asia, where a lot of supplements are made. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and while I like the product, the price is a little steep.

Liquid Chalk Markers Bundle w/ Chalkboard Labels by Kitchen Supreme

We had so much fun with these. We love writing and leaving little notes for each other, and I am a major “list” maker. I even painted chalkboard paint in the doors of our kitchen cabinets to make lists for everyone to do each day. So when we got the chance to play with these Liquid Chalk Markers by Kitchen Supreme – I was all over that. My daughter was able to use several times already on our bathroom mirror to create little pictures.  They are really easy to clean off of glass and ceramic. (I’ve played with my coffee cups.) They do come with a set of labels you can use, I just haven’t been creative with where I’m going to stick them. I’m thinking of maybe checkmark system for behavior or WHINING. Ugh. Summer is just starting. The other great thing about these is that it is something that she can do while I’m doing dishes or vacuuming. Not an activity that requires you to be glueing something, or supervising scissors, and she is having a blast!


For adults, you can use these markers to get creative with your coffee, or use the labels as little “Honey love” lunch notes. They showed some really creative pictures done with these markers on their website. Now, I can’t actually draw, but my fiance will probably attempt to make something like that. (I walked into the bathroom yesterday and he had drawn my name in a script writing with the purple marker. Because he’s adorable.

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion. 

Bluetooth 4.0 Hi-Fidelity Sports Headphones

Both myself and my daughter tried these out. I was surprised that they easily fit her too. They sit in the ear, but are less intrusive than the earbud style.


(Forgive the chocolate donut face)

The reception is very clear, and I was also surprised that they were definitely loud enough. The sync is very user friendly; you just hold down the power button until the light flashes blue, and then scan bluetooth from your phone or tablet. The only thing I didn’t like about these was that the cord was a little longer than I prefered and it kind of pulled on my ear when I turn my head side to side, due to my pony tail. But I got used to it after a little bit. We used them while cleaning the kitchen and living room this weekend, although my daughter did more dancing than cleaning… I did not test call quality on these, as the streaming music was wonderful. It has less range from the streaming device than the Silicone Devices Bluetooth Earphones, but I was still able to be 20 or so feet away without static. These were the more comfortable of the two, however. All in all I would recommend these as an everyday use earphone. You can get yours here-  Bluetooth 4.0 Hi-Fidelity Sports Headphones for only $29.99.

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion. .

The Forsaken by RJ Craddock

The Forsaken is an emotional book for me. I’m very conflicted. The writing style and verbage is wonderful, but the dark story isn’t something I’m inherently drawn to. I adore the main character- a small girl who’s past is unknown, but her gifts are readily apperant to those around her. Its easy to identify with her. A child who doesn’t really make friends easily, but doesn’t really mind. She likes being alone because it’s easier than being with people.  I am currently only halfway through. I shall be finishing within the week and updating my post with my full review. I’m only bookmarking this review to finish Tomoson, as the author had informed us she is leaving early. I received this in exchange for my unbiased opinion.