Multi Binder soft ties

I received these Multi Binders because I wanted to use them in the garden this year. I always plant tomatoes with a cage, but usually they grow a little bigger and hang out an onto the ground. We also decided to try our hand at raspberries this year, but they aren’t tall enough to need them yet. But- my roses are out of control! We had a cage around the them, but you can’t pick them or really see them like that. So I decided to try these out on them.


These Multi Binders are like soft, silicone – ish zip ties. They don’t dig into or hurt the soft branches of my rose bush. They were quick to tie up (aside from me tearing up my hands because I couldn’t find my gloves) and stayed put. One I had the end threaded through, you simply have to pull with one hand to tighten. I’m sure you can use these in many applications, but this was what I needed them for.
Here I’ve done half the bush.


I used two for the roses, and plan to use the rest on my tomatoes and raspberries (hopefully we have raspberries- please do a magic dance for me.)
This is all tied up. Forgive my yard, I’ve been trying to get the garden under control first and that’s like herding wet cats.


But now I can mow!! I received these in exchange for my honest review, but I only recommend what I like.


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