Rock The Cradle: A lullaby tribute to Billy Idol

This CD is perfect for little ones and is marketed towards Sleepy Time, but I think it would be great for tummy time too! It is instrumental versions of Billy Idol songs just for your little one (and you, because let’s face it, if I have to listen to the even an instrumental version of “Wheels on the Bus” ONE MORE TIME…) The instruments that are used to put this album together really remind me of some of the Baby Einstein series, with a more modern beat of course.

*Track List*
1. White Wedding
2. Rebel Yell
3. Can’t Break Me Down
4. To Be A Lover
5. Hot In The City
6. Flesh For Fantasy
7. Dancing With Myself
8. Cradle Of Love
9. Eyes Without A Face
10. Catch My Fall

If you are a Billy Idol fan, or know a mommy or daddy who is- this is the album to get. I think it would make a great shower gift. I ALWAYS played music while my little ones slept so that they grew accustomed to noise. Then, no waking up because someone shut a door too loudly or had the tv on. Hell, I would always vacuum while my daughter took a nap (we’ve always had a menagerie of animals, so I’m a compulsive vacuumer) and she began to associate that sound with sleep. Soon, I would have to leave the vacuum on in her room til she fell asleep or she would scream. Vacuum on, silence. And don’t you dare shut it off before she fell asleep. It was the weirdest thing ever. I assure you, this album would have been much more conducive to MY sleep if I had gotten the chance to start her on THIS instead.

If you’d like this album, I’ve provided you with the links below to purchase!

Rock The Cradle is available to purchase @ the following links:
Buy CD, Download:
Google Play:


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