Chef Remi Digital Thermometer

This is a digital thermometer that accurately reads both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It will come in very handy the next time I make caramels since they are SOOO temperature sensitive. It has and on/off button and had a 10 minute automatic shutoff. You can easily switch between measurements, and has a HOLD feature to remember your last temp. Easy to use and fast reading. (Much better than the dinosaur I had been using.) This would also be great during the holidays when I cook big roasts or poultry to get an actual measurement of when they are done, rather than the prayer method. Even during a normal week, cooking chicken breasts or meatloaf, it would be great to know when its done without the “let’s cut and see” that we normally do. Several times the answer has been No. No they are not.

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion and I know this will not be just cluttering up the drawer. Goodbye old thermometer! You won’t be missed.


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