Tweez’em Stainless Steel Tweezers for Ingrown Hair


I got these tweezers and I enjoy them, so I must have gotten the newer, improved ones. I saw some negative reviews on Amazon from a few years ago, and some have now been updated. Definitely sharp and easy to delicately break the skin to remove ingrown hairs. I’m sure they will work well on splinters too Just by sheer luck my endearing daughter who gets one in her foot about every few weeks, has somehow managed NOT to get one in the past two weeks. *NOTE* If you are using them to tweeze eyebrows or other hair out, you must grab close to the root, at it is can just snap the hair if you pull by the top. Once I saw that if I grabbed by the root, I had no more problems. I don’t have any problems with how they align or grab for me. The one I received is very precise. I was gifted these tweezers in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and I find they help with ingrown hairs better than any other tweezers I have owned. I’ll stick to slanted for general eyebrow grooming. Although, the precision with these helps out after I’m done and you have those few hairs that are close together that you need to separate and pluck.

If you’d like to try them yourself-
Did I mention they come with a LIFETIME warranty? I love companies that put their money where their mouth is!


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