Relationship woes and wine

Stressful week here and it’s only Wednesday. Waiting on Survivor to start, chilled a bottle of wine, then hoping in the bath with my Kindle. At least I can de-stress for a few hours while I watch people mudslinging and then start reading a lovely murder mystery. I might get a few rounds of squats done to blow off some steam. I know I need to chill out and find a way to reconnect with my fiancé. We had a fight and instead of wrapping it up and moving on, we’ve been going with the “silent treatment.” We are both stubborn asses, and although I know it’s better to get on with it, but it’s hard to make that first step sometimes. You don’t know what to say, how to not be angry. I made his coffee this morning, and he drank it without checking for poison, so I think we’re moving in a good direction.  It’s the talking I think people most have trouble with. So issues don’t get resolved, they get swept away. And its hard in general. We see these “perfect” marriages and then get discouraged when ours don’t match what we see on TV or social media, or those freaking love quotes that are everywhere.



We want a Notebook love. Only trouble is that movie is 2 hours long. They didn’t show when she forgot to record the Bulls game, or when he went out with his buddies and came home drunk at 1 in the morning. They didn’t show when she wanted him to go to her sisters birthday and he refused because he had to watch the football game live- not recorded!


They didn’t show the work you have to put forth. Each and every day. When you’re tired, when you’re sick, when you’re grumpy. It’s hard not to see ourselves as failures when we do have an argument. When in reality, 2 people with 2 different opinions and thoughts and feelings will no doubt have a disagreement or 2, or 587 in their life together.  So here’s to Survivor, and wine and work.


4 thoughts on “Relationship woes and wine

  1. As you know there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. What you see isn’t always the truth.


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