700 Thread Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen Standard Pillow Cases Set



I did mostly enjoy these pillow cases. I liked the fact that they were soft and they really manage to stay mostly cool during sleep. The problem some might have with them (not me because we have a “lived in” home as compared to a “pristine home.”) is that they wrinkle. Like sharpei wrinkly. You can iron them (if you’re into that sort of thing) and I’m sure they would be fine and you could have the never slept in bed look. We just try to make sure everything is on the bed and not covered in dog hair. So for these pillow cases, a general hand swipe smooth out is all I need to sleep peacefully snuggled up to my pillow.
My main problem is that the product was mislabeled upon delivery. They are 700ct cases and were stocked in as 1000ct (which is what I was going to be sent). I wrote to the company and asked that they check to make sure no other customers would have a problem and asked (since I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion) what a paying customer would do to have their order corrected, and what would be done to correct the mislabeling so it wouldn’t happen in the future. I received an email that said they had gotten mislabeled and to go ahead and review the 700ct, but didn’t give me any indication to my questions.

SO- I do recommend these pillow cases. I haven’t had any problem with the quality, or with dye transfer (which was a previous problem with my old, cheap pillow cases) but I certainly hope the customer service department is not as lacking as it was for me.


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