Airbundle S5/S6 Sports Armband with Silicon Devices Bluetooth Earphones

I decided to review these products together because honestly, that’s how we’ll be using them. I was so excited to receive these products because Sam is an avid runner. At the gym or around the block with the dogs in the summer. The Airbundle Sports armband is made from Nylon, Velcro and Lycra to ensure a snug fit while maintaining softness and not irritating your arm during a workout. it easily adjusts to my arm and stays put. It has plenty of adjustment room for different sized arms, but if you are semi-Schwarzenegger (above 15in biceps), it might not be for you. Your phone slides in and out easily and you can use the touchscreen through the sleeve in the armband! At $7.99, it’s a steal.


The Silicon Devices Bluetooth Earphones had GREAT sound quality and clarity. They were simple to connect to my phone and did things I didn’t even know! I pressed the “on” button twice by accident and Google from my phone replied “What would you like to do?” Since these earphones have a built in microphone, I replied “Play me some music!” And Teenage Dream began playing. In the middle of showing my dogs some serious dance moves, Sam called me. The headset READ ME the number that was calling so I could choose to answer it (or not.) I pressed the “on” button again hoping that would to the trick, and Sam came on the line. I asked him about call clarity and he couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I left my phone in the kitchen and walked around the house, never losing reception or having any connection issues. He will love to use these at the gym, and I’ll love to use them when I’m up late/early baking and I can’t exactly blast music while I’m in the zone at 2 AM. The only thing I didn’t like about this product was the amount of time I spent trying to fit them properly so they would stay in (about 4-5 full minutes) but I think that has more to do with my inability to learn directionality. They come with a USB charger for the earphones, a handy hard case and several soft inserts to fit your ear sizing needs. So cool. I wore them all through making dinner and a cheesecake.



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