Bar Brat Ice Ball Maker

I LOVED this Bar Brat Silicone Ice Ball tray. While I’m not a whiskey gal, I love the idea of making fun ice cubes for kids drinks, freezing coffee or making popsicles. You can color the ice cubes in primary colors and drop them into Sprite or water to do a fun color wheel project for the kids! Our animals love them too. Perfect size to keep a rabbit bottle cool in the hot summer, or for out Pitties to play with on a hot day! We also pop them in their water jug to keep it cool. They fit in my fiances camelback when he goes paintballing and keep his water cool all day. While I’m at home mowing. Ah hem…

Also- this is happening!

Get yours HERE!

I received this in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and we use this product several times a week now, and I’m certain as the summer begins, it will be used daily.


11 thoughts on “Bar Brat Ice Ball Maker

  1. How awesome!! I love that these are more “special” than the regular ice cubes. I love ice balls, they are so much more fun and definitely last longer too! Thanks for the great review and video 🙂


    1. If you fill the main tray with water, then press down the top tray all the way- water should flow out of the top from the 4 holes. I cover those 4 with my pointers and middle fingers, my thumbs on the bottom, and flip it over to flop out the expelled water, while keeping the rest in!


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