Pratipads- Multipurpose Silicone Pot Holders

I received these silicone pot holders and boy oh boy, am I glad. These Pratipads are made out of durable silicone and formed in a honeycomb pattern. It really works better than the flat silicone pads at dissipating heat quickly away from your fingers. I love setting them on the table, so that during dinner our pots and cookie sheets can be right there when they finish cooking- especially if my stovetop has other items I’m in the middle of cooking.

It saves my table from heat marks so they won’t scorch the finish. Since they are made from silicone and not cloth- clean up is a sinch. If you spill something on them or perhaps use them to rest a spoon you’ve been using to make caramel (I bake A LOT), then you simply rinse off or wash and they’re back in use! You don’t have to do laundry to be able to utilize them again! Another use I have for them (which comes in VERY handy for me) is that items stay put on it. I can use them in my vehicle when transporting cake boxes, cookies, or other items I don’t care to have sliding around in the back of my van. I just lay it down and set my stuff on top. You can also use it as a jar opener. I like to open jars in front of my fiance now just to let him know he can be replaced if the time comes. 😉 Now if they only made one that could kill spiders and clean the gutters…..

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion and I love them!


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