The Animal Game: Farm Animals

I just had the cutest book sent to me. The Animal Game: Farm Animals by Christine Alexandria. You help farmer Johnson identify and find hidden animals around his farm with two clues- the color they are and the noise they make. I really like that the color words are surrounded by the actual color, so small minds can begin to put sight words together.


Then after you find the animals, you tell them each goodnight. Most of the words are simple and are part of the sights words we have already mastered, so my daughter read me a majority of the book. I love to find books that are easier to read, but still fun enough for her to enjoy the story. We are working on instilling a love for reading and this book will aim to please. I received this book in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and I highly recommend for an everyday read, or for bedtime.


***My daughter’s review*** I liked the piggy, and I liked the “Moo moo.” The “moo moo” was great because a cow says “moo moo.”


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