Liquid Chalk Markers Bundle w/ Chalkboard Labels by Kitchen Supreme

We had so much fun with these. We love writing and leaving little notes for each other, and I am a major “list” maker. I even painted chalkboard paint in the doors of our kitchen cabinets to make lists for everyone to do each day. So when we got the chance to play with these Liquid Chalk Markers by Kitchen Supreme – I was all over that. My daughter was able to use several times already on our bathroom mirror to create little pictures.  They are really easy to clean off of glass and ceramic. (I’ve played with my coffee cups.) They do come with a set of labels you can use, I just haven’t been creative with where I’m going to stick them. I’m thinking of maybe checkmark system for behavior or WHINING. Ugh. Summer is just starting. The other great thing about these is that it is something that she can do while I’m doing dishes or vacuuming. Not an activity that requires you to be glueing something, or supervising scissors, and she is having a blast!


For adults, you can use these markers to get creative with your coffee, or use the labels as little “Honey love” lunch notes. They showed some really creative pictures done with these markers on their website. Now, I can’t actually draw, but my fiance will probably attempt to make something like that. (I walked into the bathroom yesterday and he had drawn my name in a script writing with the purple marker. Because he’s adorable.

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion. 


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