AZ sport tape

My mom had been telling me how great kinesthetic tape is, so I jumped on my chance to try it. It is a breathable, flexible tape that you place on your body in certain areas to alleviate muscle fatigue and joint pain.


I watched the video on how to apply to my knees and attempted to recreate it. Not as easy as they make it. I think there is a learning curve. I went to work mowing the lawn and doing the other household chores. I kept the tape on overnight (it wears up to 5 days or so) and I actually did feel less sore than if I hadn’t been wearing anything. I think the effects may increase should I feel confident of how I apply it. My boyfriend also used it on his knees while paintballing. He too noticed a decrease in pain the next day, although not as well as he does with his knee brace. The only thing I did notice was that on day 2, one of my knees started burning while I was doing dishes. I went in the bathroom to check it out and on one side, my leg had blisters where the tape ended. I assume I must have put it on wrong at first, because it only occurred in that one place.


It took a few days to heal. I will still be using again despite the problem that occured, because I do think it was my fault. I just wanted to let everyone know to watch the video on how to apply to whatever area a few times before actually doing it. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and I would recommend it with caution to fully pay attention when applying.


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