The Animal Game: Farm Animals

I just had the cutest book sent to me. The Animal Game: Farm Animals by Christine Alexandria. You help farmer Johnson identify and find hidden animals around his farm with two clues- the color they are and the noise they make. I really like that the color words are surrounded by the actual color, so small minds can begin to put sight words together.


Then after you find the animals, you tell them each goodnight. Most of the words are simple and are part of the sights words we have already mastered, so my daughter read me a majority of the book. I love to find books that are easier to read, but still fun enough for her to enjoy the story. We are working on instilling a love for reading and this book will aim to please. I received this book in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and I highly recommend for an everyday read, or for bedtime.


***My daughter’s review*** I liked the piggy, and I liked the “Moo moo.” The “moo moo” was great because a cow says “moo moo.”


My park playdate with helicopter parents. Without wine.

Today we had my daughters pre-graduation from preschool, end of school year, field trip to the park. There were two classes merged into one giant playdate. The bad news is it rained all freaking morning. The good news is it cleared up early enough for the kids to go out and still have a good time at the playground. I guess for some parents that was bad news as well. While some kids were satisfied with the playground area, others were far more interested into a giant mud puddle that had progressed itself next to the tire chips. Some parents nixed this right away, some could care less, and others, like myself, gave in after a small amount of pleading from our children. After all, they are just kids. Now I won’t let my kid act like an ass hat and sling mud on someone or do anything that would otherwise cause injuries, but I will allow her to play and be a kid. There are many times where I ask her to be more like an adult and she is responsible for a lot of things around the house. So when time comes to play, she plays. Many parents didn’t let their kids partake in the splashing and running through the giant mud puddle, which is fine, I understand the problems with carting a mud soaked child in your vehicle. However one helicopter parent in particular caught my attention. Her little girl went to accept a flower that a little boy had picked. Now when I say flower, I mean the tiny little clovers that we all used to pick and make string necklaces out of when we were kids.


This woman went semi-off her handle and forbid the little girl to take the flower on the off chance that (and I quote) “a dog or other animal had frolicked through the park and touched the flower.” 😒 Forgive me if I look at you like you’re an idiot. Or don’t, it really doesn’t matter to me because I’m quite sure at this point you are, in fact, an idiot. Ok, obviously children should not be allowed to pick up strange things off the ground and eat them, or lick a trash can, or any number of things that could cause a serious infection or problem. Common sense. But there is a line we have to draw on behalf of our kids. You need to be able to keep them safe but still allow them to actually be a kid. We can’t worry about every little microorganism that could possibly be living on a random flower we find in the park. To me, that’s a little nutcase-ish. Studies have time after time shown us the benefit of having animals around her children before the age of 2, and that them being around a little dirt and germs is actually more beneficial later in life. They will have a healthier immune system and be able to fight off other bacteria and germs that they may come into contact with later in life. At what point in our society are we doing too much for are children? Are we protecting them too much? Are we too involved? Back when I was a kid (Yes I know how that sounds) our parents didn’t get involved with every little thing. We rode bikes around the neighborhood and went to the park by ourselves. We were responsible for our grades, not our teachers. People are being arrested now for their kids playing at the park down the street! I mean at some point it gets a little ridiculous. Everyone gets a trophy just for participating now. We don’t keep score during children’s sporting events for fear that we may hurt someone’s feelings. I realize I’ve delved off into a tangent, but I feel like it all ties together. I’m not saying let’s go back to riding in the back of a truck or the back window of a car, while our parents are smoking, or having a latch key 6 year old until 5:30. I’m saying, there has to be a medium ground. One without the proverbial “bubble.” In the meantime, I’m gonna let my kid run in a puddle.

Running through the #mud #getdirty

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So what have you guys seen? Where do you draw the line, and have you seen other “odd” helicopter parent behaviors, or you think I’m off my rocker?

Adeline Hyaluronic Acid Serum

***Warning, the following post contains pictures of my back. If you continue, you will see them; complete with acne, stretchmarks and ample love handles. I will not pay for your therapy should you need it after. 😜***
When I got this product in the mail, I thought I would use it on my face and see how my pores would react.




After about 4-6 days of applying once a day (directions say you can use twice daily) I noticed the new acne that had previously formed between my brows had dried up and flaked away. As this wasn’t what I was expecting (the product didn’t list “will miraculously desolve zits from your face” in the benefits) I decided to put it to another test. My back. I have always suffered from acne that only gets slightly better in the summer months amidst the pool and summer sun.



A year ago my boyfriend treated me to a massage in a salon. I apologized to the lady in advance and she shrugged and told me not to worry. When she did look closely at my back she said, “Oh, you have chicken skin! That’s all!” I didn’t know what she meant, so she printed me out info on kerotosis pilaris. The cliff notes – no “cure”, it’s just annoying, and it’s caused by excessive skin cell build up at the hair follicles. A year later, I received a trial of this Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Adeline and thought “really what could it hurt?” Well, let me tell you. I had Sam rub it in my back every day. Since they recommend following with a moisturizer, I chose coconut oil because I use it regularly anyway. The acid helped enhance the effects of the oil. My skin seemed to absorb it better. My back is super soft and dare I say, supple. It also cleared up my acne outside of a few small things. While it hasn’t been able to clear up the old marks, I am confident that if I continue using it, it will in time lessen the scarring. In 15 years, this is the clearest my back has been. It’s normally oily and at the same time, dry and itchy beneath.
image After
At this rate, I’ll actually be able to get the tattoo I’ve had my heart set on and be able to feel confident at my wedding! I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and I’m very happy I did!

Screenshot_2014-10-03-21-38-45This is the tattoo I’d like. What do you guys think?



PAC•ROD 3-in-1 Wine Tool

So, this product is a 3-in-1 wine tool that is supposed to Pour, Aerate and Chill. While in fact, it does do a great job of pouring, I wasn’t fully impressed by the aerating, and was disappointed by the “chilling.”

I left the chill rod in the freezer overnight. The next day, I grabbed a bottle of wine from the store off the shelf and waited until my fiance got home to record my adventure, because I was thrilled! Then I stuck the chill rod in my wine and let it sit for 10 minutes. I came back and measured the temperature difference (with my Chef Remi Digital Thermometer) and it had dropped a little over one degree. Sad panda (and embarrassed because I was on video) doesn’t even begin to describe it. So I made another video, with red wine, to demonstrate the pouring with it. I will say, it is easy to pour. It would do an ok job of aerating wine, which is fine since whites and most soft reds don’t actually need to be, so all and all, I can’t actually recommend this product. The good thing though, Practico Kitchen makes loads of other helpful tools that won’t be leaving my kitchen anytime soon. **Pratipads**

I received this product in exchange for by unbiased opinion, and am sorry to report I would avoid purchase. =(

Hydracentials 16oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Ok, I love this. It said “double insulated” and “keeps your water colder longer” and I was like well, we’ll just see about this.

Enter the Hydracentials 16oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Compact design, that is also available in a 25oz, which would come in very handy. I love the coloring and the fact that it has a curved top that you can attach with a carabiner to your gym bag or what-have-you to keep away from your sweaty gym socks. It is made from stainless steel, so it’s long lasting. No worries about BPA or toxins leaking into your water. And that double wall? Actually lives up to the hype. I was able to keep my water cold after it being out for an hour and a half. Perfect for gym time to get you through your workout. I would probably go ahead and order the 25oz though, because I go through water like whoa. Make sure you place in the refrigerator overnight- that double wall still works as an insulator. And you know how you rush to work while curling your eyelashes and your kid is screaming in the back of of the van for breakfast, so you fling a half cooked Eggo their way and knock your drink over which spills out on your floor while you almost die swerving when you pick it up? (No? Just me?) Well that won’t happen! No spills. The square mouth piece (seriously the only thing I find odd about this product) folds in to block the air hole leaving no liquid able to sneak its way out on the floor. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion, and its used EVERY MORNING.

20150521_084905[1] ***Just in case you were wondering if my imagination gets ahead of me sometimes- this happened today. Coffee all over my mat because the thermos tipped over. Luckily there was no swerving/dying because we hit a red light where I could remedy the situation. I can’t wait for Hydracentials to release a coffee thermos. Seriously.***

$25 in Free Clothes + Free Shipping From Schoola!! Limited time offer!!

Frugally Fruitful

As regulars of my blog and social media pages may know I am a huge Schoola fan. As a mommy of a newborn (and a stay at home mommy at that) my finances are tight to say the least. Schoola helps me splurge on my family by allowing me to buy gently used designer brands at hugely discount prices. I guarantee if you sign up for this sight you are going to love it too… and honestly there is no better time to do it.

RIGHT NOW YOU CAN GET $15 in clothing for FREE simply for being a new member. On top of that – if you follow the on site instructions for ‘creating a collection’ you will instantly receive another $10 credit!! (When you are searching their site for clothes, look in the left hand column to ‘name’ and then press the button to ‘create’ your collection…

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Pratipads- Multipurpose Silicone Pot Holders

I received these silicone pot holders and boy oh boy, am I glad. These Pratipads are made out of durable silicone and formed in a honeycomb pattern. It really works better than the flat silicone pads at dissipating heat quickly away from your fingers. I love setting them on the table, so that during dinner our pots and cookie sheets can be right there when they finish cooking- especially if my stovetop has other items I’m in the middle of cooking.

It saves my table from heat marks so they won’t scorch the finish. Since they are made from silicone and not cloth- clean up is a sinch. If you spill something on them or perhaps use them to rest a spoon you’ve been using to make caramel (I bake A LOT), then you simply rinse off or wash and they’re back in use! You don’t have to do laundry to be able to utilize them again! Another use I have for them (which comes in VERY handy for me) is that items stay put on it. I can use them in my vehicle when transporting cake boxes, cookies, or other items I don’t care to have sliding around in the back of my van. I just lay it down and set my stuff on top. You can also use it as a jar opener. I like to open jars in front of my fiance now just to let him know he can be replaced if the time comes. 😉 Now if they only made one that could kill spiders and clean the gutters…..

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion and I love them!